Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Food Jargon: Weekly Round-Up

Tunageddon - John Tierney's tongue-in-cheek moniker for the impending (and, in his opinion, improbable) global seafood crisis that may see the world's fisheries depleted by 2048.

Food Manga - Japanese manga (or graphic novels) focusing on food. Titles include Yakitate!! Japan, which follows the adventures of a young bread baker named Kazuma, and Iron Wok Jan, which focuses on Iron Chef-like competitions. There is even a popular series dedicated to wine that features a crime-solving sommelier. Splicing together comics and cuisine, many food manga series actually include recipes and other food facts alongside typical action-packed narratives.

Underground Restaurants
- unlicensed supper clubs like those sponsored by Ghetto Gourmet in San Francisco. Galleries, apartments, houses, farms, and parking lots have all served as venues for underground restaurants. Also known as culinary speakeasies and pirate restaurants. Check out articles in the LA Times and SF Gate.com for more info.

Anti-Restaurant Movement/Guerrilla Gourmet - the alternative communal dining culture spear-headed by Ghetto Gorumet (see underground restaurant above).