Monday, August 13, 2007

Food Jargon of the Day: Globesity

Coined by the World Health Organization. From the words global and obesity, "globesity" refers to the "escalating global epidemic of overweight and obesity that is taking over many parts of the world."

Food Jargon of the Day: Culinarian

A culinary professional such as a chef or caterer.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Food Jargon of the Day: LOHAS, Flexitarian, Opportunivore

LOHAS (lifestyles of health and sustainability) is a term that refers to consumers who are focused on issues such as health and fitness, the environment, and sustainable living. LOHAS consumers - or "Lohasians" - are interested in products and services ranging from socially responsible investing and "green stocks" to alternative healthcare, organic food, yoga, and eco-tourism.

LOHAS companies provide these goods and services using environmentally sustainable business practices. A LOHAS business conference is held annually to discuss industry trends.

Individuals who favor a vegetarian diet, but occasioanally eat meat, poultry and seafood. NYC's first "flexitarian restaurant," Broadway East Restaurant, Cafe and Wine Bar, is slated to open in October 2007.

1. Another term for flexitarian, i.e., a person who favors a vegetarian diet, but will eat whatever food is available.
2. Another term for freegan, i.e., a person who forages for free food and eats whatever they find.